Foreign Markets

IHTC has the experience and thousands of business contacts with:  Fixed / Mobile / WiMAX & LTE Telecoms, Cable Operators, SatComs, Sales Distribution Channels, OEMs, ODMs, Online & Print High-Tech Publications and End-Users around the world


example Mobile Telecoms:  O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Telefonica

examples Telecoms:  BT, Deutsche Telekom, Tele Italia

examples: IP Carriers:  
Colt Telecom
example Distributors:  CHS, Disc Direct, Manudax

example Publications:  LANline, Eurocomm., Mobile Europe

example End-Users:  Daimler Benz, Rhone-Poulene, Zurich Insurance, Societe General


examples: Mobile Telecoms:  China Unicom, KDDI, Star Hub

examples Telecoms:  NTT, SingTel, Telekom Malaysia

example IP Carriers:  Asia Crossing, Worldcom, Flag Tel.

example Distributors: Chang Myung System, NextCom 

example Publications:  
Casebook, MacWorld, IT Reseller News

example End-Users:  Daiei, Jurong, Korea First Bank


example Mobile Telecoms:  
Oi, America Movil
example Telecoms:  Telmex,
GVT, Entelig, Telefonica, Telecom Argentina 
example IP Carriers:  
Global Crossing, AT&T

example Distributors:  DTS, CompuPlus, Ditra

example Publications:  Publish Connections, PC World

example End-Users:  Ipako, Pequiven, Ebratel


example Mobile Operators: Orascom,  Meditelecom

example ILECs:  Telkom S.A., Bezeq, Flag Telecom

example IP Carriers, MCI, Intelesat, Flag Telecom

example Distributors:  Aztech Systems, SI Distribution, 3I

example Publication: Computer Week, Computing, Dataweek

example End-Users: DeBeers, Commercial International Bank, National Oil company


example Mobile Operators:
Sprint, AT&T Wireless

​example Fixed Telecom:
Verizon, CenturyLink

example of IP Carriers:  
XO, MegaPath, Cogent

example Distributors:
Western Digital, Arrow

example Publications:
PC World, Information Week

example End-users:
JP Morgan, US DoD, Boeing, Chevron, General Electric