Market Research

  • IHTC provides customized Foreign and Domestic Market Research encompassing primary and secondary market research Reports are tailored directly to our customers' requests and need

  • IHTC provides Sales and Marketing Strategies based upon the Market Research it conducts and Analysis of that Research

  • Since IHTC conducts Primary Market Research with the target market (potential customers), IHTC's Market Research inevitably finds potential Sales Leads for our clients​

Customized Market Research analyzes:
  • Target Market (primary & secondary research)
  • Competition (primary & secondary research)
  • Sales Channels (primary & secondary research)
  • Potential OEM Partners (primary & secondary research)
  • Potential Business Partners (primary & secondary research)
  • Market Trends (primary & secondary research)
  • Economic, Labor, Tax Issues (secondary research)
  • Government Regulations (primary & secondary research)

IHTC's Customized Market Research, Analysis & Recommendations cover the world:

  • Asia/Pacific: Savvis Communications, Aethera Networks, Interphase Corporation
  • Latin America: Narus
  • Europe: Savvis Communications, Broadbase Software